How do I apply?

You can only apply for Universal Credit online

If you don’t have access to the internet at home there are a number of places that you can get online in Wolverhampton for free and get support to improve your computer skills.

Before you apply for Universal Credit, you’ll need to gather some information together. This will help make sure you only have to do the application once, and help you to get Universal Credit as quickly as possible if you’re eligible.

Council Tax Reduction

If you are the person who is responsible for paying the Council Tax for the home you live in you could be eligible for Council Tax reduction. You will still need to apply for Council Tax reduction with the City of Wolverhampton Council. Here you can apply and see how much Council Tax reduction you could get.

To make a claim for Universal Credit online you'll need to have some information to hand. This can include:

What you need to make a claim for Universal Credit.

If you need help with your claim, you can contact the:

Universal Credit helpline - Telephone: 0345 600 0723

Textphone: 0345 600 0743

The Key Points

Since 8th Februrary 2016, a small number of people have been able to apply for Universal Credit. You can check whether you are eligible here.
You can only apply for Universal Credit online, if you don’t have internet access at home find out here where you can find free internet access.
You will need certain information before you start your online claim for Universal Credit.
Once you have made your application you may be asked to provide supporting information or evidence by post. The address is:
Universal Credit
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1AJ

At a glance summary...

  • Check you are eligible Universal Credit is currently only available to a small number of people. Check you are eligible before applying.
  • Apply online You can only apply for Universal Credit online.
  • What do I need to apply? Before you apply you will need to have certain information ready.
  • Council Tax Reduction You will need to apply for Council Tax reduction seperately from City of Wolverhampton Council.